London – and the beautiful people I’ve met

We’ve come to the last installment of the Juliette et Justine posts. Hurray! So these are a few people I took photos of, each of them very lovely and wonderful. Forgive me if… Continue reading

London – Juliette et Justine Tea party

So finally we’ve come to the second last post of this event, i know it took forever! The last post will just be photos of the wonderful people i’ve met. On that day,… Continue reading

London – Juliette et Justine Runway

  I’ve been dragging this too long, so gonna move it along quickly. So after the Q&A with the guests, there was a break and people flock over to the other room to… Continue reading

London – Juliette Et Justine

I had finally arrived in London on the 7th of september, even though I should have been here days before but I’ll spare you the drama. The Juliette et Justine Brand party would… Continue reading


Most of the time I would have been annoyed at long transits at the airport. I had 8 hours worth of transit time and I had just landed in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam at… Continue reading

Simple Living Space

I love how the wall colours brings out everything, it’s so neat and clean!  

Travelling ~ meets and etc

Dear Readers, Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been really busy lately, preparing for many things. Straight to the point, I’m returning back to London for 2 weeks and Austria in… Continue reading

Mori Snap

Ms Ying Ying came by today, and I really love what she wore today. The shoes are really striking! I really like this overall look.:)

Inspiration : Interior

Lowrys Farm Fashion runway part 2

A different set of clothings~ i’m not sure but this may have been styled by the models themselves as they wanted to show case the everyday girl. Check it out anyway. 🙂