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Ahchachum muchacha special gift box~

As you have probably come to know, i’m a huge fan of ahchachumxmuchacha …and although I probably could not afford to buy their clothes and other products, i’m very happy that i can… Continue reading

Shop Feature : Hysteria Machine

Not long ago I came across an etsy shop, Hysteria Machine and immediately fell in love with the handmade items. To be honest , I came across it on Facebook and it was… Continue reading

Vienna~ Miss Lilly’s Hats

I had a short but lovely time in Vienna, and i was able to meet one of the girls in my morigirl group which was fantastic! I manage to do a quick tour… Continue reading

EOY- The Little Hut

EOY was blast despite the heat , rain and everything else. For the whole week we’ve been busy doing up so many things! But the company was great and so it was really… Continue reading


  I’ve been real busy lately! Getting my Cat lady mode on! So this sunday there’s an event called EOY in Singapore, at Marina Barrage . Do come down! I’ll be sharing a… Continue reading

Muchacha-Neko Collection

The recent Muchacha magazine probably has one of the best free bags ever. Then again it’s one pricey magazine, though I couldn’t pass this one up! Reason being…well LOOK AT IT! HOW CUTE… Continue reading


Swimmer is a Japanese brand best known for its cute products mainly targeted at young girls. However, when I say young girls, I also meant the young girl inside of us who likes… Continue reading

Shop Feature: Lolita Summer / Miss Summer (Hongkong)

  At an early age, Michelle (of Lolita Summer) has always love lace, ruffles, layering, pastels & neutral colors. It’s no wonder that today, we can see that strongly represented in her accessories.… Continue reading

My Jewellery/Accessories Collection

I’ve been wanting to post this for a very long time. I finally am able to since I’ve just added some more to my collection. The only thing missing is my beloved reindeer… Continue reading

Hair Accessories

What is a complete look without hair accessories? Dolly Kei and Mori girl sometimes have similar hair accessories and can be used for either styles. I’m not very big on the fur hats… Continue reading