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Mori Snap

Ms Ying Ying came by today, and I really love what she wore today. The shoes are really striking! I really like this overall look.:)

Morigirl lesson 6 Top Picks

Two coordinates that I like and also like that one of the models has short hair! I like mint green alot, i wish i can pull it off, it looks great there.  


These reminded me so much of Juliette et Justine’s recent collection with all those pretty prints! So Anyway this is Muchacha’s version and i promise! this is the second last post for muchacha… Continue reading

Muchacha-Kinoko (mushroom) Collection and the Kuma (bear) Collection

Another one of my favourites, has got to be the kinoko collection! I wish they weren’t so expensive! The dress and the socks are really cute and I can somehow imagine it in… Continue reading

Muchacha-Neko Collection

The recent Muchacha magazine probably has one of the best free bags ever. Then again it’s one pricey magazine, though I couldn’t pass this one up! Reason being…well LOOK AT IT! HOW CUTE… Continue reading

Shop Review:: Cedar & Pine

Based in Singapore, the online shop ‘Cedar & Pine’ is run by Jennifer and Jasmine. Cedar & Pine carries a line of casual clothing inspired by the mori style. It also carries some… Continue reading

Anemask? Anemosk? Anemusk?

I completely forgot the name of this shop but I think it’s a few shops down after a few wonder rocket. But Anyway, you’ll see the banner and clothes being displayed out. Don’t… Continue reading

::Shop Intro:: Adieu Tristesse – Congés payés

Congés payés is a Japanese brand that is also under Adieu Tristesse. The two companies are slightly different though. Congés payés seem to emphasize more on prints and mostly floral in muted to… Continue reading

Found an Old polaroid photo of me.

This was possibly my second attempt at Dolly Kei, Polaroid Snap during the Alice in Wonderland Theme party…So yes if you’re curious on how I really look like haha…not as cute as the… Continue reading

Outfit Post~ Mori Snap

Met a lovely new friend from Brighton,UK! Sapphira of Elegant Poupee came over to Singapore and we decided to have morning tea which ended up as afternoon tea! So I was suppose to… Continue reading