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TOMS – Support the Cause

Brand and Cause Introduction TOMS is a pair of shoes that with every purchase, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for one. I think this… Continue reading

My Jewellery/Accessories Collection

I’ve been wanting to post this for a very long time. I finally am able to since I’ve just added some more to my collection. The only thing missing is my beloved reindeer… Continue reading

Oh Rainy Days! – Syrup

Of Basic dress tops, wellingtons and scarves! Looking cute on a rainy day is possible as Syrup has shown us! Aren’t the wellingtons cute? These can easily be bought at Primark for an… Continue reading

Tartan fever – Syrup

Walking around the shopping malls, I keep seeing tartan in my favorite mori-like stores. It definitely is nothing new. I remember very well that Uniqlo released a number of tartan patterned clothing last… Continue reading

3 Non-Mori Shops I can’t live without.

You’d be happy to know that be it in Singapore, Japan, London or Paris, the Uniqlo collection is complete and just the same. Only difference is, the Uniqlo in Paris near the Opera… Continue reading

Hair Accessories

What is a complete look without hair accessories? Dolly Kei and Mori girl sometimes have similar hair accessories and can be used for either styles. I’m not very big on the fur hats… Continue reading

Blazers – Ephne

Blazers are not a common thing in Mori girl fashion but I’ve decided to include it here because I’m very sure that as much as we love mori girl fashion, sometimes it’s not… Continue reading


Skirts are a mori girl’s best friend…or atleast in my opinion. 🙂 More importantly though, it’s a great investment. You can mix and match a number of coordinates with just one skirt. These… Continue reading

Marble Sud Catalogue 2010

Source: Morigirl Vol.3 Marble Sud is one of Mori girls favorite brands. What I like about them is their use of graphics  and also the use of their bold prints and colors. 2010… Continue reading