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Prague~ Czech Republic

Prague is probably one of my best travel decisions. It’s so beautiful in Prague and most of the people are wonderful. It’s also the land surrounded by art Nouveau! When I landed in… Continue reading

London – Juliette et Justine Tea party

So finally we’ve come to the second last post of this event, i know it took forever! The last post will just be photos of the wonderful people i’ve met. On that day,… Continue reading

London – Juliette Et Justine

I had finally arrived in London on the 7th of september, even though I should have been here days before but I’ll spare you the drama. The Juliette et Justine Brand party would… Continue reading


Most of the time I would have been annoyed at long transits at the airport. I had 8 hours worth of transit time and I had just landed in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam at… Continue reading

Travelling ~ meets and etc

Dear Readers, Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been really busy lately, preparing for many things. Straight to the point, I’m returning back to London for 2 weeks and Austria in… Continue reading

Anemask? Anemosk? Anemusk?

I completely forgot the name of this shop but I think it’s a few shops down after a few wonder rocket. But Anyway, you’ll see the banner and clothes being displayed out. Don’t… Continue reading

Shop:: SM2

Not gonna say much about SM2 because I’ve already introduced them before. They have quality and beautiful Mori girl clothes. The interior is actually pretty minimal and not over decorated, in my opinion,… Continue reading

Shop:: G2? Garage Sale

Tuck away in the corner, you might miss this shop if not for the bright dress and huge signs. Garage Sale isn’t actually a garage sale but it definitely sent my inner garage… Continue reading

Shop:: Romantic Standard

This is one of my new favourites. Romantic Standard has lovely clothes, lovely bargains and affordable prices . Well okay affordable but still pricey but it goes into the list of pricey but… Continue reading

Shop:: Wonder Rocket

The first store I saw there was probably Wonder Rocket and of course I was excited. However the excitement kinda died down when I realize how many wonder rocket stores are in this… Continue reading