Majolica Majorca- Sugary Trap

Majolica Majorca is one of my favorite cosmetic brands which I am pretty loyal to. It’s a sub brand by Shiseido. I can’t live without Majolica Majorca’s eyeliner! Recently they released their new line, Sugary Trap!

I love their models too~ They’re always doll-like which is what attracted me to them most of the time. A little bit like Anna Sui but way sweeter in looks.

This would be good for mori girls and Dolly Kei girls who wish do get that cute pink blush on their cheeks.

It comes with an adorable powder puff. The packaging itself is limited. It costs $22.90 and comes in colors like , Peach macaroon, Apricot Macaroon, Strawberry Macaroon and Vanilla Macaroon.

It comes in limited stock so hurry and get one!!