Lace, Fur, Frills, Ruffles & High Tea

It was a warm and humid Saturday morning on the 31st of May, but then again when was it ever not humid in Singapore?


A Lolita/Mori lunch meet was about to take place at Boat Quay, in a quaint cafe by the river side called ‘Madame Patisserie’


Generally, in Singapore meets like these has become rare, especially when the older members of the community has either moved away from the Lion City or grew out of the fashion. Although the number of Lolita enthusiasts here may have decreased, there will always be new faces when a gathering is organized.


Envious of UK’s Tea Party Club’s success with their recent event “Enchanted”, apart from the special guests from Japan, you could say that I was truly “enchanted” by the attendees of the event. Such beautiful outfit coordinates and epic hair ornaments. I imagined that if i was there, I would probably be pale in comparison to all these wonderful girls.


About a month later, I decided to host a tea party ‘Lace, Fur, Frills, Ruffles & High Tea’. As the person who always crashes Lolita parties as a morigirl or dollykei, I decided to make this a mori girl/dolly-kei friendly meet. Only this time i’m actually a mix of dolly-kei and lolita for once!


Officially this is the first test of a mori girl meet that I wanted to incorporate. I am happy to say that it is now more possible to hold a Mori Girl meet in Singapore! Yay!

High Tea Set from Madame Patisserie. $32 Lovely assortment of Jams. Over all the food was good! Everyone enjoyed their meals.

It was to be an exclusive intimate gathering of 18 guests. Alot of thought was put into the guest list. I wanted a good mix of new faces and regular attendees. I discouraged cliques because I wanted my guests to get to know each other. Thankfully, I have my good friend, Xin Yu to come up with ice breaker games. Although it started rather late in the party because everyone just clicked at the very beginning, after introductions. We later had a trivia game, where I encourage different groupings as the questions are very diverse in interests and I knew in order to answer them you have to have certain people in the group. Another great way to interact. Put together, these people are hilarious! What a good sense of humour.

The first event was a lucky draw that Zhen Teng won, shortly after voting for best dressed begins. Xin Yu wins hands down! To that someone who voted me, thank you very much. By my choice, Hoi won, best dressed for Mori Girl, although every one look amazing.


The second part was the games segment which was just “Bingo” and a trivia that was none lolita related. Here are the hilarious results :



A wall made out of noodles?!

Why you should never rename Ciel Phantomhive…tsktsk girls…


Their best drawn versions of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch.


The meet ended off well, everyone had a good time, good food and free vouchers! Courtesy of Madame Patisserie! Many thanks to them for hosting us. Check out the photos from the event.

Xin Yu, Silver, Hoi, Jac

Singapore Mori Girls! Kaya, Zhen Teng, Hoi and JacQ


Me and my mori girls!~

Attendees : Kaoru.C, Beanie,Hoi, Jac, Nicole, Melanie, Ten Veery, Xin Yu, Kitt, Silver , Judith, Kaya, Sheril (Alicegrimoire) Cherlyn, not pictured. ( Zhen teng)